A Surprise Left on Our Doorstep

A few short years ago, a cat carrier was left on our door step with a note. The young owner had fallen on hard times and could no longer take care of her young cat. She asked us to please find her a good home. What else could we do but take in this young adult female cat, scared and shy initially. Our doctors examined her and found her to be in good condition. Sooooo…now what?
The first day or two was a bit rough for the kitty. Our new border hid most of the time and seemed out of sorts with the change in her life. Then, by day three or four, we started to see her true personality shine through. As a hospital, we were could not stop ourselves from falling helplessly in love with our new border. She quickly became our therapy kitty that we would turn to for hugs and cuddles if our day was stressed or overwhelming. This unexpected addition made us laugh and smile and we were hooked. Looks like we would have a new hospital cat to keep us company. We decided to name her Edna and from that day forward, she ruled the land of Haven Lake.

Settling in to Haven Lake Life

Edna quickly adapted to her new role as front office supervisor. Initially, she was quick and tended to roam all over if left to her own devices. A cat harness and long leash seemed to reel her roaming tendencies in and keep her settled. Well, then Edna moved on to her next favorite thing, eating. Munching away all day led to some growing and that led to needing a bigger harness (as in a dog sized harness to fit around her growing belly). Over the years, we have had to put Edna on a strict diet to manage her eat-all-day-long tendencies. We have been sort of successful, but admit to giving in to the snack fest here and there. I mean, who doesn’t like to eat, right?

She is Who She is! No Apologies

Edna has become the mascot of the hospital, greeting clients, antagonizing the other cats and dogs coming in for exams, and charming the delivery guys from Fed Ex and UPS. She is our first thought in the morning when we open up and our last one in the evening when we close. Edna has also become a huge part of our every day life and our celebrations. As “payment” for her sweet housing and gourmet food, we occasionally (all of the time) dress her up and pose with her for holidays and birthday celebrations. Edna doesn’t seem to mind too much. She just gives us her disdainful glare and goes along with our shenanigans. Secretly, I think that she is a fashionista and really likes the outfits. For sure, she is a party girl and wants to be in the center of all of the action. Edna is who she is and makes no apologies for herself. Love the cattitude.

This hospital, especially the front desk area, belongs to Edna. She will not, under any circumstances, allow another cat to intrude in her space. Dogs she will tolerate as long as they bow to her as boss kitty. Edna rules with an iron paw (and we let her). Sometimes she can be moody and quite a handful, but most days she is just Edna. This hospital mascot is still offering herself up for therapy scratches and the occasional 5 second cuddle if needed. Edna has been known to wander out into the waiting room and plant herself next to a grieving client and offer her quiet support during a difficult time. She has been the subject of many videos and pictures over the years serving to take our mind off of a sometimes difficult and emotional profession. If we need a distraction, Edna is there. Sometimes we trip over her, but she is there – to watch us fall with quiet judgement that we should have been more careful.

Thankful for the Gift of Edna

While we did not ask for the surprise  addition to our hospital, we are thankful for the gift of Edna. She makes us laugh. She makes us smile. A day without Edna would be dull and boring. We hope to continue to make her life as full and rich as she makes ours. We also hope that she is not secretly planning a sweet revenge for all of the dress up photo shoots. Anything is possible with a cat, right?